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Phobia CD / T SHIRT Bundle

Phobia CD / T SHIRT Bundle
T shirt
Lifeless God
T shirt / CD Bundle
Solidifying themselves as the undisputed kings of the grindcore underworld, PHOBIA return with their 6th full length album: Lifeless God. Not straying far from the formula that they have been crafting for over 27 years, this is another chapter in Phobia's legacy of unrelenting speed. Tracked at Trench studios with engineer John Haddad, Lifeless God is 20 tracks of no bullshit, pure fucking grind that is punk as fuck, and never slows down! This album also sees the return of Danny Walker on drums, Leon Del Muerte on guitar, and original guitarist & founding member Bruce Reeves into the fold. "This record is a true statement of living a self autonomous life… It’s also always awesome to work with this veteran phobia line up, nothing can be short from brutal” comments vocalist and founding member Shane “The Pain” Mclachlan. Phobia have set their iron sights on the entire planet… and they are fucking pissed!

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