Terms and conditions

We try and get every order out as soon as possible. We are a very small DIY operation. Most designs are not kept in stock. Most orders are printed in the order that they come in. Orders can be filled anywhere between 1 - 10 working days  time depending on how busy we are. Our goal is to have your order processed and shipped in under one weeks time... Sometimes it takes longer. Please allow up to 2-3 weeks to receive your order. We appreciate your patience.

Please note:  Selecting 1, 2, or 3 day priority shipping means that your items will arrive in that time ONCE THE ITEM HAS BEEN SHIPPED not from the time of ordering!. We print most items to order and will have everything out into the mail as quickly as possible. 

We send all  orders via USPS First Class and Priority Mail. An e-mail with USPS tracking information will be sent to your provided e-mail address once your order is sent out. 

Foreign Orders: While 99% of the time our foreign deliveries make it to their destination in a timely fashion and in good condition, please remember you are ordering at your own risk and Warlord Clothing will NOT be able to reimburse you for or replace any items or orders that go missing or get damaged in the international mail.

Warlord Clothing is NOT responsible for any customs, duties or taxes incurred on your shipment. You are responsible for paying these fees if required by your countries customs agents.